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A new RTS game modification for the Acclaimed Battle for Middle Earth 2© by EA Games™

Featuring 7 completely new factions, Each with its own unique theme
A unique in depth history and faction stories.
Balanced factions utilizing a Class base system featured in many Team based FPS

Update: 20th October 2009

Sorry for the long space between updates, I've been busy with some modeling requests and trying to learn some C++ but, I'll need to enrol in a course to learn the more advanced stuff, So unitl then, there wont be a WOTG mod runner.


Anyway our concepts are coming together thanks to "StyxaneZ " Me and him have been collaborating on the designs of some scourge units, I'm going to be finishing my works for the SEE mod, and by that time, we should have enough concept art to make a huge news post on the forums.

Hopefully this will also boost the interst in the mod, We are still in early days of development and we need more artist to help out.

~ DIGI_Byte


Update: 23rd September 2009

I touched up the site some more, Updated the History, I haven't got around to the Lore yet but It should be working by the next update.

I've been modeling some scourge buildings in my spare time finalizing some models before they get UV mapped.

Still looking for help for the development of the mod.

I'm going to post a Job thread with positions needed, Freelancers are also welcome. But the forums are too quiet for new team members, So I'll have to go around to some art development sites and ask on the forums there.
~ DIGI_Byte


Update: 8th September 2009

I haven't touched the site much, Instead I've been redoing some of my 3D work on the mod, the initial models I made, were not decent quality so I had to go back and put some more detailing on them, the WORST part was UV mapping the gold trim on the scourge, My LORD that was excessively time consuming and tedious even for UV mapping... *vursing But this mod has a level of quality even I must submit too, The work I did was needed.

~ DIGI_Byte


Update: 1st September 2009


I've updated the site some more, I removed even more sub pages.
I've been editing some images, the site has more content but its quite messy at the moment Sorry.

I have created a suitable the layout of the Lore page, how ever I need to change the content dynamically, But I don't know how to do that.

Oh and I have set up a script for the spells but I'm not liking its outcome, so I'm going to have to track down another app more suitable and customizable.
'thickbox' is looking nice

~ DIGI_Byte


Update: 26th August 2009

I've updated the site some more, I've removed most of the unit sub pages.
Please bare in mind ALL "view statistic" links lead to a temporary page.

At the moment I'm still filling out the factions units, and probably wont start on the buildings until later.

~ DIGI_Byte


Update: 22nd August 2009

I've updated and redesigned the web site to make it more streamline and simplify its "eyesore" of a lay out from before, also removed some of my terrible typo's

IMPORTANT ! ~ I'm also setting up the other factions, Its abit of a mess at the moment But I'm hoping to get most of the site done, So at the moment if you go in any of the factions it'll most likely have some Scourge stuff.

The mod's in need of concept art for units and buildings to be used by the 3D modelers and placed on this web site.

In the mean time, I'm going to ask people to help draw stuff for the mod so I can make some images for the site, even if its temporary stuff, So I have some content to work with.

Oh and I have setup a Donation box with Paypal which will help us out greatly, Paypal account not required to donate.

Donations will pay for web hosting, But more importantly, We need funding to hire some professional concept artists to help us develop professional looking content.
But if any one wants too draw some concepts and save us on hiring, Catch me on the forums and send me a PM

~ DIGI_Byte


  I used content for this free non-commercial game modification from other sources
and I'd like to thank the developers for creating the content that I used in the mod,
Credits go to their owners;
Morrowind, Pox Nora, Scrapland, Titan Quest, Half-Life 2